Monday, January 2, 2012


AHHHHHH the New Year! It compels us all to make a clean start, replace bad habits with good, and add new healthy steps into our lives. Normally I am up late into the night planning and getting excited about all the possibilities that 2012 can be.
This year….NOT so much! Am I pessimistic because I have seen that not much has transpired in those plans over the years? NO I think I am tired this year and all the changes just seemed like work to me. As I lay in bed pondering this I thought even if I did the basics of what “THEY’ say we should do daily, my 24 hours days were running short.
They say we need to floss every day, okay I can do that, it’s only minutes added to my regular tooth brushing routine. CHECK  
I need to meditate and spend more time in prayer with God and reading my bible etc. It’s a good plan and one I really strive to do , so in my mind I think an hour a day at least…..CHECK
They say…well more like OPRAH says we should write a gratitude journal daily. I like this idea and at one time was great at journaling and writing. At least an hour a day CHECK
We need to exercise daily…an hour a day, again I have been pretty consistent with 4-5 times a week….an hour a day….. CHECK
We need to spend more time with our family and children. Quality time, not just driving them to events. Okay games night or chatting or something fun an hour a day CHECK
We need to spend time with our friends and adults. We need physical touch and socialization.  CHECK
We need to eat 8-10 fruits and vegetables a day. Okay I should make a chart to CHECK all of this off ! CHECK
We need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, add this to the chart to check off. CHECK
Vitamins, we need to take vitamins to keep us healthy. CHECK
We need at least 8 hours of sleep a night. CHECK…..okay this makes my day a little shorter now…HMMM
We need to take the stairs and park farther from doors for EXTRA physical activity! CHECK
These are daily things that should be a MUST. Then weekly we need bible study, date nights, etc.
We need to take time for ourselves. Pamper ourselves! Massages, pedicures! I like this! CHECK! DOUBLE CHECK
We need regular doctor’s appointments dental appointments, mammograms, etc… CHECK
 We need to become more organized! purge and organize closets, office, drawers, our lives. OKAY CHECK
We need to learn more, read more, take classes. GOT IT! CHECK

In between all of this is working, cooking, shopping, homework with kids, driving kids to their events, reading everyday with children, laundry, appointments, etc. etc.
Do you see what I mean? The list is endless!  It became exhausting when I started planning just basics into my already busy routine. I know I can multi task some of these. Get my socialization while I exercise, etc.  But still it appears overwhelming.  I became tired and gave up before I could even start. The thought of making charts to keep track of my fruits and veggies and water, SIGH.
DON’T get me wrong, I will make changes. I need to make changes. THEY say we need to do these things and so I will. BUT first I will increase my 8 hours of sleep to 10. That’s a good start. I am going back to bed now and maybe tomorrow I will not be as exhausted as I think about all I SHOULD do and all I am doing!