Thursday, December 1, 2011


For those who are close to me know that I have a “thing” about words. Last week’s blog was on EXTREME words this week is a little more personal about me and EXTREME words
Words have great meaning to me and I don’t’ just use them and throw them around willy nilly. It irks me when people do. For example when someone is talking and say “I went to Starbucks and they discontinued the café mocha drink that I always drink. I was DEVASTATED” REALLY??? DEVASTATED??? I don’t’ thinks so! I would hope not DEVASTATED. Maybe mildly upset. Disappointed but not DEVASTATED.
Having this issue with words for me makes it difficult to do surveys for me. You know the surveys that the answers are ALWAYS-, OCCASIONALLY- NEVER. I typically have to pick the middle of the road answers. It seldom is an ALWAYS or a NEVER for me. To state ALWAYS means I always do something and really I ALWAYS doesn’t do something even though I typically 99% of the time do it there might be a time that I don’t.
Also NEVER…..I am sure I have at one time done something I said I NEVER do.
 surveys are thought provoking for me.
The saying “this is the worse day ever. Or this day has been horrible.” THE WHOLE DAY???  Not one good thing happened?
I have someone close to me who will tell a situation and then say isn’t that HORRIBLE?? Well it’s not HORRIBLE ….this is the definition of what horrible means. The story that you just told me isn’t even close to causing horror or shocking me. It wasn’t even extremely unpleasant. 
/ˈhɔr ə bəl, ˈhɒr-/ Show Spelled[hawr-uh-buh l, hor-] Show IPA
causing or tending to cause horror; shockingly dreadful: a horrible sight.
extremely unpleasant; deplorable; disgusting: horrible living conditions.

Not sure why I have this weird WORD thing. Just one more quirky thing about me. What is not good is because I believe words have so much power and meaning  , I can and DO use them when in a disagreement with someone and can  say some very hurtful and strong things. 
When the bible talks about the tongue being a sword or a poison  I know full well what that means. My words can cut someone to shreds. Can pierce a heart, cause a wound, do damage to someone I love.  I am trying to be intentional when talking to loved ones and making sure that my words will not cause injury, or even death of a person’s spirit . When in a disagreement do I really win if I have cut a person so deeply that I have severed my relationship?? I would rather be a loser and keep that person whole and uninjured. Now I just have to keep working on this. IT’S easier SAID than DONE!

Psalms 12:18


  1. This is something I need to work on too. I love that second box at the bottom. I will go forward today with it on my mind.

  2. My mother and I often argue about this because she two has a thing about words. Just last weekend when my son said calling someone names was bulling she started off that calling names is harassing or teasing not bullying because to bully means making someone do something against their will using force. ie making them give you there lunch I had to Google the term and make her read it,to bully includes name calling! Arg Is all I can say because it drives me around the bend. I think so long as you understand what the person is saying it should be enough.

  3. Caroline if it helps I agree with BUT my point isn't arguing the meaning of words. Its more about Catastrophing events with strong words. bullying harassing and easing are all the same and NOT OK and DEVASTATING.
    I will not use my (word) POWER for EVIL only for good. Therefore I will not correct them. I understand what they are saying. I hear you and you are correct