Thursday, November 3, 2011


today is TBH thursday  and at 3:00 I was sitting and thinking "I have nothing to write today" and then the kids came home and homework began.

One of my children had a note from the teacher that said " __________ does not know any of her sight words can you go over them with her"

Hello??? I have been! and i will again. Yesterday we worked on the site words and I was pleased with the progress. Today it was like we didnt' even go over them.
so I was trying different techniques to help her learn the word. We would say "AND" A-N-D  AND then we would write it and say each letter A-N-D  and say it AND.We did this with each word and then I brought out the list and she did not know the words.

I start getting frustrated . Oh my goodness! I realize I am NOT a teacher. I CANNOT teach. I have absolutely NO patience.

If you cannot learn something after a certain amount of time then I can't do it! I know this is HORRIBLE of me! but I am being honest.

How do home school moms do it?? you clearly have a gift of teaching. We are doing a bible study on teaching and that is NOT one of my gifts at ALL. I don't even think it was a blip on the screen.

One of my gifts is encouragement , but that doesn't even come out when I am teaching. I ENCOURAGE you to LEARN this quickly could be the closest form of encouragement I can muster when I am teaching.

I am thankful to God that HE has given people the gift of teaching. That there are teachers out there who LOVE to teach and are challenged and excited about finding out different ways for children to learn. BLESS each of you. Bless the home school moms who teach their own children because I think that would be even MORE difficult. Bless those who tutor and help out people like me who clearly have no gift or patience.

If you do not realize how important you are and valued come to my house and watch me teach my kids.


  1. I was feeling discouraged this morning with the lack of progress some of my non-readers are making and kind of dreading starting homeschool for the day, but this has encouraged me. So I guess your gift of encouragement is shining through! Thanks Karen!

  2. you are doing a great job Sharla. I admire you and all the work you put in to teach your kiddies! It is a real GIFT